The Bullog – January 2023

Greetings Bullogers!
Over and out…..for now.
Firstly, let me wish you all a very happy and healthy New Year.
I’m writing this edition of The Bullog in a slightly different format from normal.   We often find ourselves drifting into habits, some of which are good and some of which are simply, well, habits – that don’t always serve us well.  New Years are traditionally a good time for reflection and renewal – for breaking old habits and setting new intentions.
Therefore, I wanted to let you know that I’m planning to stop sending The Bullog out in its usual monthly format.   I know, I know. There will be lots of howls of disbelief and pleading that I change my mind on this (more likely, there will be a deafening silence)!  Either way, it’s a decision I have made, but not in any way lightly.
I’ve been writing a monthly blog or “Bullog” (Bulloch + Blog = Bullog) publicly since 20?? and prior to that, The Bullog was an internal newsletter during my days (or was it 20 years?) in Accenture. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed writing it and as someone who’s not short of an opinion or two, I quite like expressing them in the form of these epistles.  I’ve also loved engaging with many of you in the feedback you give on the various topics I raise. It’s been real…….
But I feel it is now time for me to move on.
I haven’t yet decided what, if anything, will take its place. However, I would rather write in the moment when something captures my attention or when I feel something needs to be said – as opposed to simply having to get something out because it is the beginning of the month.  Also, the time spent writing, editing and sending these things is considerable and I need to make sure that as I try to de-clutter my life (I talked about this is my December Bullog), my time is spent on activities that serve me most effectively.
I will continue to be interested and engaged publicly in the same topics that this blog has covered. These include: challenging the role of business in society; social intrapreneurship and the role employees can play in driving purpose driven innovation bottom up; business links to international development and so on.  Also more recently, all the work around Craigberoch, the decelerator and how we might create a more conscious, inspiring and creative business world in which intrapreneurs can flourish. Not wither on the vine or burnout, as is the risk with the current hectic and often hostile business environment.
I will retain your email addresses and treat them with discretion. If I publish something in a newspaper or online, I may well share it with you.  As ever you have the ability to unsubscribe without causing any offense whatsoever.

Just before I go, I would want to bring your attention to one event which we are running this Sunday in which you are all most welcome to join FREE OF CHARGE. Go on, it’s going to be a blast.
But let me end by thanking you all for your readership, engagement and friendship and wish you all the very best in 2023.
P.S. I’m leaving you with a few pics on my holiday on Bute over the Festive period. (thanks K MacLeod and L Depy-Caron).
* The Bullog  = Bulloch + Blog
Make sense?  Not bulldog, nor is it bulls**t although I’ll let you be the judge of that! It’s a brief synopsis on recent articles, events and opinions from my world and the things that have caught my attention over the past few weeks.